Cooked croquettes and Mahou beer, a classic that does not lose relevance

One of the most glorious tapas moments is the one that can be lived when sharing some croquettes of Mahou stew and beer, since this combination is a classic that does not lose current no matter how much time passes.

The croquettes made with broth and milk with leftover meat from a Madrid stew have an unforgettable taste that can only be improved in the company of a quality beer, such as the 5-star Mahou. Today we give you the guidelines for making the best croquettes.

Ingredients for 6 people

  • Leftovers of cooked meat, 1/2 scallion, 1/2 liter of whole milk, 1/2 liter of broth, 60 g of butter, 60 g of flour, 2 eggs and breadcrumbs

How to make croquettes

With the leftovers of a good homemade Madrid stew, we separate the meats (bacon, sausage and blood sausage) and we chop thoroughly with a sharp knife. In a pan, we poach the scallion and add the meats and butter, then add the flour.

Stir until the flour adheres to the wisps of meat and we go milk and let it be absorbed by the dough. When we finish with the milk, we continue with the cooked broth and thus obtain a delicious croquettes dough, with a powerful and intense cooked flavor. We try and rectify salt and let it cool.

After a few hours, we formed the croquettes carefully and breaded well, passing them by beaten egg and breadcrumbs, allowing them to rest at least two more hours before frying so that the flavors settle well.

Fry the cooked croquettes in very hot olive oil and we take them out to an absorbent paper to drain well. Then, we place them in a fountain and serve them accompanied by a very cold 5-star Mahou, sure that we will succeed.

Processing time | 1 hour plus rest
Difficulty | Half


The Cooked croquettes are so delicious that you don't need more than a very cold 5-star Mahou beer to accompany them and enjoy an unforgettable moment. Intense flavor and delicious texture to share a great moment that does not lose relevance.

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