Grills for all tastes and pockets in Hunting Gangas

If there is a kitchen utensil that you, lovers of cooking and good food, can take advantage of is a grill or grill. They offer a lot of play, because a variety of foods can be cooked on the grills, and they help us to eat healthy since grilled cooking does not require an excessive addition of fats and oils.

These tools should be hollow in our kitchens. Depending on the use that we are going to give them, the space that we have in them, our budget, etc., we can choose to use electric grills or traditional ones. Whatever your situation, at Hunting Bargains, we collect a variety of grills for all tastes and budgets.

Offers in electric grills

If you are fond of grilling, you will find it more comfortable to use electric grills. In our search for the best offers we have found real jewels that deserve a mention in our Hunting Bargains today.

  • Versatile and compact, the Fast & Easy Cooker electric grill is more than a grill It has removable pans in which you can prepare pizzas, cakes and much more. In Rakuten it can be found for € 28.60. A real bargain if we consider that its original price is € 61.90.
  • Like the previous one, the 3-in-1 electric grill Sogo SS-1299 offers features that go beyond the mere iron and has raclette function. We have seen it for € 39.99 on Ebay, when its market price is € 50.

  • Another option, this time simpler, is the electric barbecue 2300W Severin RG1511. It has an open and rigid design, that is, it does not bend what can be a storage challenge, but it is powerful and reliable. Only Stocks sell it on offer for € 41.24.

  • In a medium range, the Tristar GR-2840 grill ensures fast food cooking because it has different positions: grill, contact grill and iron. With a 28% discount from the original price of € 60.95, it can be purchased at Amazon for only € 44.09.

  • In a higher league, we find the electric grill, multipurpose and in black and gray, Morphy Richards 48018. At a price of € 169.90 at Amazon, with a 10% discount. For the wealthiest and passionate about grills.

Offers on traditional grills

Those who prefer to use their plates or stoves and opt for the traditional grillsThey also have a choice in terms of qualities, brands, sizes, features and prices.

  • Especially attractive and comfortable we find the reversible grill of Le Creuset, 23x23 cm. Of exceptional quality and design, as with all products of this house, easy to wash and offers no storage problem. We have seen her again on Amazon for € 69.10.

  • In VidaXL we have encountered the traditional grill of always. The SKU 50123 model, 36.5x24.5 cm, is made of cast iron and fits all types of plates, including gas, ceramics, halogen, solid electric fuel and induction cookers. The price is € 35.99.

  • For tighter pockets, Ikea offers three good solutions at exceptional prices. Grilla, Smavar and Skänka grills cost € 8.99, € 18, € 99 and € 18.99 respectively. All of aluminum with a Teflon treatment.

  • With a rectangular format, ideal for elongated food, the cast aluminum grill, the Risoli Induction Line, of 46x25 cm, can be found on offer with a 20% discount on wooden spoons. Its original price is € 62.20, but it is reduced to € 49.80.

And that's it for today, see you next week in a new installment of Hunting bargains. Until then hunters!

Tristar GR-2840 - Grill (1500 W, thermostat, pilot lights)

Today in amazon for € 45.56

Morphy Richards 48018 - Electric grill, multipurpose, black and gray

Today in Amazon for € 139.95

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