44 recipes to cook with bread and take advantage of every crumb

Bread is one of the best inventions or discoveries of humanity and I will never get tired of praising its virtues and goodness. I also repeat a lot encouraging everyone to make their own breads, but on a specific date like today we can pay homage to the bread in a somewhat different, but also important way. And there is many recipes for cooking with bread that They show that it is not just a product for toast or dipping the sauce on the plate.

How many times do we use different types of bread in our meals? From sandwiches and sandwiches to toast, montaditos, stuffed with meatballs or even desserts, bread becomes an ingredient in the kitchen. Many of these recipes are also perfect to take advantage of the remains of bread that remain somewhat hard. A first tip: take advantage of those pieces to get homemade breadcrumbs, a simple and practical use.

Tostas, montaditos and canapés

Improvising a quick snack at home is easy if you have a good pantry and quality bread. The toast They can play a lot by combining the ingredients well, but it all starts with a good baker base. There are many variants with different names: Crostini, bruschetta, montadito, canapés… Different sizes and presentations for a basic formula, bread with things. The smallest of a bite are usually party canapés, while the largest can be a great lunch or dinner if they are crowned with good products.

Various snacks for the appetizer

To snack time We can not only resort to toasts. There are slightly more elaborate recipes in which bread also plays its role, starting with these sausage and cheese batters, an original and tasty snack. They would make an ideal combination with a source of homemade nuggets, perfect for children or to share with friends at home.

And if we have guests for an informal dinner or we will prepare some special appetizer, the Garlic bread is a peck that never fails. It is so easy to do that it would be a shame to have to resort to buying, so cheer up with my favorite garlic bread recipe, or with this version that adds a really appetizing cheese gratin.

Sandwiches and sandwiches

In Direct to the Palate we have shared many recipes for sandwiches, sandwiches and variants throughout these years, and we will not get tired of doing so. A good sandwich, with quality bread and stuffed with varied and healthy ingredientsIt can be a lunch or dinner more than worthy. For example, the spiced chicken sandwich with avocado, cream cheese and canons could not be more complete, just like the chicken and avocado salad sandwich, a cooler alternative.

Searching international inspiration We can go to Portugal with its succulent Francesinha or Francesiña, ideal for very hungry stomachs, or perhaps we feel more like a Spanish hot dog or hot dog. For a complete but lighter dinner we can choose the complete tuna and artichoke sandwich, and if we feel like giving an autumnal touch to the sandwich, the ham cooked with quince jam, pear and Gruyère is a delight.

Salted cakes

I recognize that this house has never been served typical cold loaf pie, usually stuffed and covered with mayonnaise, but I have seen it in many meetings, parties and barbecues with family and friends; It is a classic. Simple, fast and open to modifications, we can make it in the form of a roll as if it were a gypsy arm and serve it in slices.

If we want to give it a more modern touch we have this version renewed with ham and cheese, in individual format and very resulton. But there are other options of salty cakes with bread, like the awesome New York Salted Cheesecake, and the original pork and egg pie or Scotch egg pork pie. To leave the guests with their mouths open.

Stuffed with a lot of crumb

How many times have we used bread to give more consistency to fillings of meat or fish? They are also used in vegan recipes, and it is a practical resource to take advantage of leftover bread and improve different doughs before shaping them. They are not usually missing in the meatballs, starting with the most classic recipes. We have for example grandma-style meatballs in sauce or its version in dark sauce, a familiar recipe too.

Nor is bread lacking in seafood meatballs, because it helps to achieve a more juicy and consistent filling without turning them into stones. An example is sepia meatballs, although more typical are those of hake in white wine sauce or hake in green sauce. Already entering other areas we have the succulent recipe of onion rings stuffed with cheeseburger, to succeed on any occasion.

Desserts and sweets with bread

Recently my father remembered with nostalgia one of his favorite childhood favorites: hard bread in milk with sugar and cinnamon. A humble dish of times when nothing was thrown away, but that could be a sweet tooth and enjoyable. I really like those recipes in which they take advantage leftover bread dough to be reborn in the form of desserts irresistible, and sometimes I make my mother's Calatrava bread by changing the muffins for bread.

In almost all countries we find bread recipes. From the British cocoa bread chocolate pudding, the Danish apple or the strawberry and brioche, to the Christmas versions of roscón de reyes or panettone, nothing is thrown here. And if we do not want to complicate our lives much, is there anything simpler and more sweet than the chocolate bread snack of a lifetime? We can always give it a twist with a special touch.

And more recipes for cooking with bread

Let no one think that this is all, we still have many more recipes for cooking with bread, and those we have left to try. Something as simple as chop pieces of hard bread and put them in the pan or oven It allows us to make homemade croutons, but it is also the basis of many traditional dishes. And that same bread can be softened if it is marinated with a good dressing, giving a delicious touch to salads. Here you have more ideas:

It is clear that bread can give a lot of play in the kitchen, although sometimes it simply fulfills its function by accompanying any dish to make it shine. The important thing is to have quality bread and know how to enjoy it and use it well before it gets hard. And if we get to that point, we have only to choose a recipe for use not to waste it. Happy World Bread Day!

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