Red meat in the usual diet: the advantages and disadvantages of regular consumption

There are always doubts about whether or not to eat meat and, above all, red meat. Therefore, today we tell you the advantages and disadvantages of regular consumption Although many advise against it, it is present in many diets on a daily and usual basis.

Fresh red meats, very different from processed ones

In order to avoid confusion, it is important to highlight that fresh red meats are not the same as processed meats and in this post we will refer at all times to the first ones.

Red meats are those that in their fresh state have a reddish color because they have a high amount of myoglobin. They are meat derived from mammals in their majority and do not entail greater manipulation at the time of commercialization.

On the contrary, processed meats although they are often derived from fresh red meats, have a very different nutritional composition and usually contain more fat and sodium, as well as more calories and additives that can harm health. In fact, It is processed meats that we do not recommend to include in our usual diet but to avoid as little as possible to protect the health of the organism and avoid various diseases such as cancer.


Once this is clarified, we know that fresh red meats They are not always as bad as we think and although their consumption is not advisable on a daily basis, they can offer some advantages and there are not only inconveniences of their regular intake.

The advantages of red meat for health

In many ways, red meat differs from white meat and then we show how they have certain advantages Above other meats for the body:

Higher quality proteins

In red meat we find a high protein ratio which can be found between 12 and 18% depending on the meat and the cut chosen.

In addition, they are high quality protein or high biological value because they possess all the essential amino acids, that is, all those that the body cannot produce and needs to create new proteins and thus, develop structures or repair them.

For this reason red meat is considered a good alternative when you gain muscleIn addition, they have zinc in appreciable quantities and this component together with proteins make this type of meat an ideal food for hypertrophy.

Likewise, it is always recommended to choose the leanest cuts of meat that have similar or higher protein content and quality but with less fat.

Offer satiety

Proteins are one of the components that contributes not only to achieve satiation or to finish a meal but also to obtain satiety or calm hunger.

So, your presence in a meal can you help us eat less in that same intake as well as reducing hunger in subsequent intakes, a key factor at the time of slim down without starving

Similarly, red meats are not the only ones that offer protein and therefore provide satiety, but we can also find proteins that satiate in fish, poultry and plant-based foods.

They provide quality iron

He iron It is a mineral of great importance for the organism, because it not only helps prevent nutritional anemias but also intervenes in the growth and development of the organism, as well as it can contribute to sports performance and the functioning of the brain and its cognitive abilities.

The iron of red meat is from better quality than white meat and besides, they have higher proportions of the mineral All this added to that consumed with quality proteins, the iron of this type of meat it is absorbed more easily and for that reason in greater quantity than the one of vegetal foods.

Thus, to obtain iron, red meats are one of the most recommended alternatives and above all to prevent anemias Because these also offer folic acid, a vitamin that also helps in these cases.

The disadvantages of red meat for health

Just as red meat in its leaner versions and within the framework of a balanced diet can offer different advantages, it is important to consider some drawbacks of your intake:

Its fats are mainly saturated

Although saturated fats are no longer the bad ones in the film, that is, they are no longer linked to greater cadiovascular risk as has always been believed, these They are not the most recommended in the daily diet.

That is to say, Red meat is not a source of beneficial fats for the body such as the polyunsaturated ones within which the omega 3 or the monounsaturated ones are found, but most of them offer saturated fats and cholesterol as the main lipids.

And although the cholesterol that is ingested little influences their blood levels, the fat profile of red meat is not the most beneficial but one of the least advisable to prioritize daily, That's why we always recommend the leanest cuts and alternate your intake with other types of meats such as those of fish that do offer healthy fats.

They have purines in high proportions

Red meat is one of the foods with more purines, substances that after its metabolization culminate generating uric acid in the body and that in high amounts can represent a health risk.

For this reason, those who have high uric acid in their blood, joint problems due to this or alterations in renal functioning should always avoid red meat that is concentrated in purines and may aggravate the situation.

Its excess involves risks

Referring to fresh red meat, different studies have observed that in case of excessive consumption, the risk of suffering from diseases increases.

Not only can we have more purines and therefore high uric acid in the blood, but in the event of an excess of red meat (something that does not happen with fish or other meats) we have a higher risk of liver problems and insulin resistance, the latter condition necessary for the development of different metabolic problems that give rise to various pathologies such as diabetes.

It has also linked the high consumption of red meat with a higher risk of suffering a stroke or stroke so it it is recommended not to abuse its consumption exceeding two servings or 300 grams daily.

On the contrary, we recommend consume a serving of 150 grams about three times a week at most with the aim of including other meat and fish in the usual diet.

We already see that adequate consumption and correct cooking can return to red meat in providers of various advantages for the organism, as long as we accompany them with a healthy lifestyle.

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