Are California wines better than the French?

About 30 years ago a wine tasting was held in France in which nine expert tasters, in a blind tasting, agreed that California wines (USA) were better than French wines. This was a blow to French winemaking, since at no time could you imagine that the wines of the so-called new world could surpass the great French wines.

History has been repeated again, after a new blind tasting in which French winemakers also participated and even using wines from that first tasting, have once again ruled that Californian wines are better. The rise of winemaking, the great competition that many countries present and the resentful pride of what happened a few years ago, makes a dent. And they will have to get used to it, not long ago that the wines of the new world have surpassed the French in terms of sales.

France is a country with a great oenological tradition, of that there is no doubt, but a little humility will not hurt them and that, for the good work there is no label of exclusive Denomination of Origin.

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