Bocadelia, a help with the sandwiches

These days I have seen a product on TV that I found interesting. Is called Bocadelia, and it is a sandwich filling. The base is mayonnaise, and is accompanied by various ingredients according to the variety we choose; There are three types: ham, tuna and chicken

As I said they advertise it as a sandwich filling, although obviously you can also make a sandwich of "pan pan" and I think it may be useful to make some quick canapés. My opinion is that it is not too difficult to make a filling like these at home, with a few minutes is enough, and we can do it to our liking. We only need mayonnaise (in summer I recommend using industrial mayonnaise), and imagination. Anyway, this product is a solution, and that the solutions "are there" is always good, then it will be in our hands to use them or not.

By the way, this product has already won a prize in Almentaria, specifically a second prize in the Innoval 2006 awards.