The world's largest generous wine tasting

With a participation of 2,700 tasters in the XI Popular Wine Tasting of Aguilar de la Frontera (Córdoba), a new Guinness record has been achieved by exceeding the mark that was recorded in the Book of Records last year, where 2,500 already participated tasters

Is about the world's largest generous wine tastingIn this edition, the Ribera del Guadiana Designation of Origin was invited to present some of its great wines. Those who attended the tasting could enjoy a young wine, a fine wine, a red wine and a Pedro Ximénez.

Cordoba wines are great wines despite the fact that currently their consumption in the market is not very buoyant, the popular tasting is an initiative that seeks greater promotion of these wines although the truth is that there is no greater promotion than the genuine taste and characteristics that A wine confers.

Have you ever enjoyed a cool Montilla-Moriles?