Hugh Johnson declares war on wine with high alcohol content

We have read an article that has focused all our attention, an expert winemaker He has declared war on wines that are currently made and that have a very high alcohol content, according to Hugh Johnson this type of wine has no purpose and also compares them with bodybuilders swollen with steroids.

The campaign promoted by the expert is also covered by various critics who fully agree with Johnson's statements. The critic indicates that he has tasted all kinds of wines from the last vintages, finding reds with a porty flavor and white ones with a peach flavor in hot water.

Wines that once possessed an alcoholic graduation of 12-12.5º now have up to 15º, causing that there is no balance. Hugh Johnson directly attacks Australian wines saying that the producers of that country water wines, when they are over 16 degrees these wines are watery. The truth is that they are contradictory data, on the one hand we find that Australian wines are named in a multitude of news praising the virtues they possess, but not only news, but also different European winemakers and critics. As far as this subject is concerned, it is difficult to pronounce or affirm such a serious accusation. Will the interests of American wines have anything to do with it?

As for alcoholic graduation, we believe that everything will depend on the winery and the winemaker, in fact, sometimes a harvest is anticipated so that there is not an excessive concentration of sugars. The winemakers try to do their job well, we have met a few and they all produce a great passion that they transmit to the wines they make.

There is something wrong to do around the world, but a whole community of producers should not be condemned just because a couple shakes their wine, our opinion is that Hugh Johnson should be a little more restrained. What do you think?