Aloreña Olive, the black leg of dressing olives.

Aloreña Olive is a typical product of the Guadalhorce Natural Region whose cultivation and dressing has been practiced since time immemorial. The variety of olive from Aloreña, better known in the area as chamomile from Aloreña, is native to this region and has characteristics that make it ideal for consumption as a table olive, although from it an excellent quality oil is also obtained. Aloreña Olive considered the black leg of dressing olives by experts, it presents among its qualities its low content of oleuroprein (bitter component of olives), which allows the olives to be ready for consumption with just 48 hours in brine, while other varieties need a caustic soda treatment to to sweeten them, being also the variety of table olives with a higher content of natural fibers and antioxidants.

Centuries of tradition cover the elaboration of the Aloreña olive of Malaga, from its collection to its dressing, in an increasingly globalized world where there is a tendency towards homogenization and loss of identity of the productions, the development groups in collaboration with the agents Responsible for local productions are trying to obtain a quality badge by working on the possibility of protecting it with some quality badge, specifically a Denomination of Origin is being considered.

On July 18, the VI DAYS ON ALOREÑA OLIVES were held, which dealt precisely with promoting quality food products and techniques for a better packaging of this type of olive that retains all its properties against external agents such as light and the air.

You know, if you want black leg, Aloreña Olive.