Walk through the gastronomy of the network: 11 appetizer recipes to celebrate the summer

Today is Tuesday and play Walk around the cuisine of the network, in which, as you know, we compile the recipes that have attracted the most attention of your cooking blogs during the last seven days. This week we have loved the summer snacks you have published, from appetizing sandwiches to salty cakes, to stuffed eggs or delicious toasts.

In the hot months of the year we fancy another type of menus, little complicated and easy to make, with less heavy recipes than those we prepare in winter. A salad and a grilled fish or meat, an omelet, or recipes like yours that we present today and with which you will surely triumph in front of your guests. Do we start

How well Lidia de la O explains in her blog Caught in my kitchen, a puff pastry plate is an ingredient that we usually have in our fridge and that will allow us to easily prepare these delicious homemade saladitos, with three different fillings: sobrasada, sausage and tuna with tomato.

Another great option for a summer menu is the piquillo peppers stuffed with tuna and prawns that Neus has published in Cooking with Neus and that can be served both cold and hot. And what do you think of these cold summer cannelloni? They are from Montse and you will find them in Cooking with Montse, further They are very versatile and admit a lot of fillings.

The stuffed eggs They are also a possibility that we should not rule out, we have loved these two great recipes: Ana María's chicken-filled eggs in Cooking among olive trees and eggs stuffed with Ana Blanca tartar sauce in Set of flavors, you can both serve them cold and I assure you that both of you will be excited.

If you have never prepared your own pickled mussels in Saffron Strand Maria explains how to prepare them easily, it is one of those recipes that you cannot miss and that always result. The same goes for Luisa's spicy chickpeas in Cooking with my Carmela, you can't stop eating them If you start with them, you will also fall in love with the photos that illustrate the recipe.

They could not miss in this compilation of summer snacks the skewers and toasts. The baked pork loin skewer that Juan Luis has prepared in his blog The kitchen with love It is really tempting, the same as the black sausage and squid toast that you can find on the blog Per sucar-hi pa

A salty pie It is also an option to take into account, because it is cut into more or less large portions as it suits us, it can be perfectly served as an appetizer and also spreads a lot. Do not miss these two tempting recipes:

  • Rice cake stuffed with zucchini and Maite ham on Herbs and spices

  • Galician empanada stuffed with Ana's chicken in Cravings factory

Photographs | Cooking with my Carmela, Caught in my kitchen, Game of flavors and Saffron in strand
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