Cheeef, an interesting gastronomic social network in Spanish

If you are one of those who have the particular recipe book on your computer, you may be interested in what it offers us Cheeef, a gastronomic social network which introduces us in a very original way in gastronomy. It looks a bit like the Group Recipes social network, although each network has its advantages and disadvantages.

In Cheeef the contents we find are in Spanish, we can access a large number of recipes, comment, send our own, among many other functions. We can have a particular recipe book that we will prepare ourselves, we can also access diets or tips (notes) that inform us about gastronomic, aesthetic or healthy topics. Another possibility that Cheeef offers us is to design a menu or a weekly diet using the recipes that we have uploaded or, failing that, those that the members of the social network have uploaded. From this moment we can access a generated list where they indicate the ingredients and the necessary amount, so making the shopping list is very easy and without fear of forgetting any ingredient.

We found Cheeef, an attractive and interesting place to share experiences and know culinary. We have already registered, and you?

Video: Onfan Food - Video Gastronomic Social Network English (December 2019).