New York, gourmet shopping

I continue to relate my gastronomic experiences, on my recent trip to New York. This time I'm going to tell you about the stores I visited, where you can buy gourmet products, starting with the three mecca of the food stores, located on the Upper West Side, Citarella, Fairway Market and Zabar's.

Citarella is a place where you can get ready-to-eat food, bakery, pastry and salads. In addition to the venue located on Broadway Avenue on the Upper West Side, they have other points in the city. Everything looks delicious and at least the bagels we bought one day for breakfast were delicious. Fairway Market was my classic stop before arriving at the hotel, a supermarket that sells, among other things, prepared meals, an incredible variety of seasoned olives (of which one day we bought an exquisite selection), different types of coffee beans, which you they grind at the moment and cheeses from all over the world (although I prefer the cheese area of ​​Zabar's).

The supermarket has an apartment dedicated to organic products, but without a doubt one of the best things about the Fairway market is the extensive variety and freshness of the vegetables and fruits they offer, only the selection of different types of fresh mushrooms is worth seeing.

But without a doubt, my favorite store of the three is Zabar's, an institution in the city. For those who like gourmet shopping, getting lost in the aisles of Zabar's is a delight. The cheese counter, smoked fish, prepared food, delicatessen and all kinds of different gourmet products from different parts of the world. And as if all this were not enough on the second floor they offer a wide selection of kitchen utensils, gadgets and gizmos of which of course I made sure to bring a few in my suitcase.

If when you leave the store your appetite is one million you can enter the Café de Zabar's, right next to the store and taste a succulent panini with fresh mozzarella and ham. Although the place has a place to sit, it is quite small and many of the customers buy to go, but it is worth having a coffee, because the cappuccino is one of the best I've had in New York.

In downtown one of the gourmet stores worth visiting is Dean & Deluca, in Soho, where you can also find all kinds of delicatessen, a fine pastry, chocolates, gourmet products and kitchen utensils. Of course, all very expensive, but still worth it, even if only to look.

Another gourmet destination left in the Chelsea neighborhood is the Chelsea Market, a corridor with food stores and small places to eat located in an old Nabisco cookie factory. A shop of Italian products, the fat witch brownies (of which I spoke to them at my entrance, about the sweet temptations I found in NYC), a well-known bakery in New York called Amy's bread, a seafood store and a branch of Sarabeth's, are some of the stores that are in the Chelsea Market.

For fresh seasonal produce, street markets are installed in different parts of the city, where they sell vegetables, fruits, prepared foods, cheeses and a wide variety of food products. One of the best known is the Union Square greenmarket, which is installed on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays in the morning around the square.

And finally, to buy Asian ingredients, nothing better than to explore the colorful streets of Chinatown.

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