Have your own "truffle tree"

I had recently told you about the initiative of an Italian company that allows you to adopt an olive tree for a year, because these days I have known another option to adopt a tree that has been in the market for some years, but this time to keep a tree truffle Truffle-Tree allows you to have a truffle oak in the Gascogne region in France and thus have the possibility, if there is luck, to be able to enjoy your own truffles.

As Velsid explained to us some time ago, truffles are not grown. They are underground fungi that grow in symbiosis with trees such as holm oaks, oaks, chestnuts and walnuts.

The truth is that it can be a somewhat risky investment, because there are no guarantees that you get truffles, but certainly fun.

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Video: CHICO "have your own" (December 2019).