Dairy Nutrition, Health and Communication Plan 2007/2010

The Nutrition, Health and Communication Plan for Dairy Products 2007/2010, FENIL project (National Federation of Dairy Industries) with the cofinancing of the MAP and the EU.

The purpose is to promote the consumption of dairy products in general. It seems that, after conducting a study of the MAP, it has become clear that the population, although it does not have a completely adequate diet, prefers to take enriched dairy and skim yogurts, since its consumption has grown considerably and as a consequence, Products such as whole milk and natural or flavored yogurts have reduced their sales. With the Plan for Nutrition, Health and Communication of Dairy Products 2007/2010, they want to provide the dairy sector with all the support informing the population about the nutritional and healthy qualities of dairy products, encouraging consumption in general in a population that apparently is increasingly Worries more about food.

It is precisely the dairy sector that invests more in R&D, hence the rise of functional foods that we find in the market, and in 2004 more of these products were billed than of consumption milk.

We do not know the actions that are part of this project, but remember that dairy products do not stop rising in price, so much as they encourage, if they put the rope around our neck ... they will turn a staple food into a luxury.

Video: AAP - Healthy Tomorrows Program (December 2019).