San Francisco, snack in Tartine

I keep telling you where and what I ate on my recent vacation in San Francisco and this time it is the turn of desserts.

One of the days we were in the city we went to visit The Mission District, a neighborhood where many Latinos live and where Mission Dolores is located, an old colonial architecture church that is the oldest building in the city.

In the neighborhood there are many cafes and restaurants, we went with the idea of ​​having lunch at the Delfina restaurant pizzeria that had been recommended to us a lot, but the pizzeria, like the restaurant, will only be available for dinner. So we opted to buy some things to snack on in a small market called Bi-Rite, where they sell mostly organic and locally produced products and many delicatessens, where I also took the opportunity to increase my spice repertoire, with some that is very hard to get in Caracas.

The truth is that we improvised a small picnic in the park of the Dolores Mission and then we went to snack in Tartine one of the most famous bakeries in the city.

The pastry is very small like most of the premises of the city, and just by entering one causes you to try all the desserts that they display at the counter.

We tried the banana cream tart, a tartlet coated inside with dark chocolate and filled with cream with banana pieces, delicious. We also tried the lemon cream tart, a tartlet with lemon cream that was also delicious and my little one ordered a chocolate pudding that was fantastic, but that just let us try because it immediately devoured it.

The place is apparently also famous for its breads and they have published a book with many of their recipes, which I have in the list of my future acquisitions, to see if I try to make the recipe for the banana cream tart.

Tartine Bakery is at 600 Guerrero St. with 18th Street in Mission District.

Video: Snacks at Tartine (December 2019).