The catastrophic rise in food prices

The generalized rise in food prices It is attributed to various causes, such as recent disasters in Asia, earthquakes, hurricanes and floods around the world, predictably caused by climate change, and which has generated rises in the price of rice, one of the most consumed foods in the world. The UN agencies specialized in food, such as FAO, meet these days in Bern, Switzerland, to take measures to try to correct this dangerous rise in prices.

But the most important cause of this rise, according to the UN, is that the United States and Europe have raised prices by allocating large percentages of their corn crops to the biofuel manufacturing. Thus, to reduce climate change, millions of people in the third world are condemned to hunger. Sad paradox

The most unfair of all this is that the least polluting countries, the least developed, and therefore the least responsible for such climate change, are those that have to pay the consequences of the activity of more polluting countries, such as the USA. Especially thinking that they are the most sensitive to this price increase, since the hunger ghost hover over them. We are talking, according to the organizers of this meeting, of more than 100 million people affected in those developing countries, as the poorest countries are often called euphemistically.

The help will not be enough to alleviate this situation of rising prices, which UN agencies have described as "Extremely serious", and that is already causing riots and demonstrations in at least 37 countries. UNICEF He has also expressed his concern, since every year they die 3.5 million children due to malnutrition, a situation that could be significantly aggravated by this price increase. Inconceivable that something like this happens in our "civilized" and technologically advanced world.

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