Rioja wine in danger from climate change

Yes, I know it is not the first time we have told you, in fact, about a week ago I was telling you that in the Canary Islands courses were already being taught to know how to deal with the consequences and migrate crops to climate change, well, as you He said then, the islands will not be the only corner that has this problem.

The Rioja one of the best-known places in our country and the world for its wines, is also in danger, that Patricio Bernal, the secretary of the UNESCO Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission during these days in Gijón, in a symposium on the climate change.

Apparently, and logically, the climate change of our cities, and a predicted increase of 2 degrees within 20 years they will make the characteristics of the wine totally different at that time, in 2025 there will be a change in the composition and quantity of grape sugars and therefore a change in wine.

What increasingly indicates that if we can not stop the situation, the crops have to suffer mostly migration, and therefore in their characteristics, I hope it is not a goodbye to Rioja ...

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