Fish stew Recipe

This fish stew recipe It reminds me of my Aunt Maria, because it was from her daily meals. He bought a horse mackerel and stewed for several days. Of course times have changed and, now there is no shortage then, however it is still a very versatile recipe designed to take advantage of cuts.

In this case a salmon cutout, a handful of clams and another of prawns are going to be those that give their character to this comforting and sailor stew.

The ingredients

A cut of salmon (or other fish), ¼ of clams, ¼ of rice prawns, 1 chilli pepper, 2 cloves of garlic, 1 onion, 1 green pepper, a ripe tomato, a couple of beautiful potatoes, 1 glass of white wine, parsley, EVOO and salt.

The preparation of fish stew

We clean the prawns and the salmon leaving only the meat of both, with the rest and a couple of liters of water, we make a broth, cooking it 10 minutes, with a branch of parsley, a squirt of EVOO and salt.

We make a stir-fry in a casserole with a squirt of EVOO, browning the chilli pepper, the peppers chopped very often, the garlic also chopped and the onion in the same way. Once all poached, add the clams, cover and, 2 minutes later, when they have opened, we take them to a separate plate.

We add stir-fried the chopped parsley and the grated tomato, we give a few laps, water with the wine, 1 minute and add the potatoes to pieces of bite, we shake and water with the fish broth, previously cast. We let 12 minutes. Add salt, add the salmon, 2 minutes, add the clams and prawns, 1 minute and eat.

Processing time | 30 minutes Difficulty | Half


This fish stew recipe It is eaten with a spoon. My aunt Maria ate it directly in the porcelain casserole in which she was stewing it, with her wooden spoon, sitting on the table, wrapped in knitted knives, watching the hours go by after the ancient shutters of her kitchen window . How that old kitchen smelled!

Wow, nostalgia aside, recipes like this are designed to to take advantage of that fish tip that is left over, the cuts of some squid or those fish that we often find in the fish market at a great price. A pepper, an onion and a patatica and no more is needed. If there are no potatoes, you put rice, or some noodles ... the case is to eat hot.

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