Flambé bananas with caramel oranges. Recipe

What a piece of banana, the same is sneaked into a sweet recipe that makes us a Don Tancredo in a Cuban-style rice. It is not enough to be a great snack or snack, and be praised worldwide for its high potassium content. But so much prominence sooner or later has to be shared, and today I have decided to give it a cure of humility, and I have forced it to share focus on a flambéed banana recipe with caramel oranges.

On the other hand, the other party involved, the orange, delighted to be in this recipe of present body, and not only in juice, that hot and corporeal is great.

Ingredients for four people

Four bananas, three oranges, 50 grams of butter, a little olive oil, sugar and rum.

Preparation of bananas flambéed with oranges

We will choose bananas that are very firm so that they do not fall apart. We peel them and cut them in two halves along. Peel two oranges and chop them into slices. We make juice with the remaining orange and reserve. In a pan we put the butter with a little oil to heat. When it is very hot, put the bananas and saute on both sides.

Add the orange slices and two tablespoons of sugar. Let it caramelize two minutes and sprinkle with a glass of rum. We flambe with the help of a lighter or blowtorch and add the orange juice. We put the bananas and oranges in dessert plates and let the sauce reduce.

Sprinkle sugar on the fruit and caramelize with a blowtorch or in the gratin. We serve with the sauce aside.

Processing time | 30 minutes
Difficulty | half


This Recipe of flambé bananas with caramel oranges It is quick to make and easy to improvise. The hot and caramelized banana is an exquisite delicacy. The orange is not far behind, and together they form a tasty dessert with which to finish off a good meal.