I Medieval Fair in Vila-seca de Tarragona

I know that it is not a novelty a medieval fair and it is not the first time that I speak of one of them, but this makes me especially excited, it is the I Medieval Fair of Vila-seca, my town.

Like the rest of the fairs of this type, the stalls are dressed from the time in conjunction with the vendors, the children participate in old games, the artisans demonstrate how they make live and direct their creations of jewelry, leather or made of wood, for example, witches and sorcerers throw cards at you, musicians stroll through the streets with their music on their backs and jugglers try to keep 50 balls in the air at once.

But what I like most about markets and fairs of this type are the stalls of natural and artisanal products. It is precisely in this type of events where and when it is worth taking the opportunity to purchase products with those added extras.

We have the opportunity to see how the nut bread is kneaded and baked in the wood oven, which we are going to take home still warm, eat a crepe, while we wait for our bread to be cooked and buy honey with chocolate.

Fight with the children of the group, to try to convince them that it is not necessary to eat all the sweet things they see and fight with the parents of the children of the group, to convince them that there is not enough home cheese, both sausage and so much craft beer .

Anyway, between fights, walks and laughs I have come home loaded with countless things, of those so special that they are not found in any supermarket and almost in any store however small, I will tell something about horchata chocolate and Chocolate honey