KitchenPad Timer, a control panel for the kitchen

Mobile applications are here to make life easier for us, and many of them are geared towards cooking, either by offering recipes, or utilities that make the task of stewing easier. The last one to pass before my eyes has been KitchenPad, a whole control panel which can be very useful when getting into the kitchen. With this application for iPad and iPhone you can control what is in each of the fires, how much time is left to finish cooking, and the power of each heat source.

It seems quite practical, because you can control four fires and four ovens, whereby the needs of a domestic kitchen are more than satisfied. The real interest I see is the timer function, since the intensity, or knowing that in "fire A" there is curry sauce seems accessory, is information that with a look at the casserole we have it first hand .

But anyway, power control times simultaneously It is an advantage that can avoid the occasional accident and more than one burned meal. The application for Ipad and iPhone is worth 2.39 euros, something excessive in my opinion for a timer, although this is really sophisticated.

Video: NEW KitchenPad Timer Video Demo (December 2019).