Weekly menu from January 24 to 30, 2011

It can be said that this past week has been very active, in addition to cooking and presenting very varied recipes, we have gone out to bring you all the news of one of the most important gastronomic congresses, Madrid Fusión, from which you can read two great chronicles: The Bulli Foundation in Madrid Fusión, and The other gastronomic summit of Madrid Fusión.

We open our mouths with a dish that can be the same side dish or appetizer, some always tasty candied peppers. We warm up body and spirit with two light spoon dishes: chicken soup with coconut milk, and chicken curry soup. Already toned, we decided to continue the menu with some curried eggs, some noodles with Burgos cheese and spinach and pistachio pesto and a quiche of peppers, mushrooms and anchovies.

Before daring with these forceful roast lamb roast in the oven, we tasted grilled zucchini with ham.

Other recipes published this week are:

And to soak the gaznate, as they say out there, a beer tasting Cruzcampo Gran Reserva 1904.

The reading has come from the hand of two books:

And finally, we had a luxury guest, our fellow blogger Mikel Iturriaga, who showed us a lot of himself in an interesting interview.

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