The reasons that prompted me to leave a restaurant

Anyone who knows me, and despite the fact that my work may seem otherwise, knows that gastronomically speaking I am not difficult to please. When I sit at a table to enjoy a meal that I have not cooked, It depends on where, "I demand" some things or others. If it's a friend's or relative's table, I just need the chef to be sitting with me to be able to enjoy everyone together, both food and company.

It is clear that things change when I feel at a restaurant table, I demand to be attended with a minimum of courtesy And quickly, I want the dishes to be prepared with quality raw materials and I hope that the value for money is correct. I think that in this section in particular, most of you will agree with me, of course I will have an impressive joy if you are also able to surprise me with some extra, such as a careful menu, an author's kitchen, an unbeatable technique, a beautiful decoration, etc.

Throughout my life, I've only abandoned a restaurant table three or four times, but it has never been a decision that I made directly, it has always been accompanying the group and always with a strong sense of shame and the voice of Pepito Grillo yelling at my ear - That has been very ugly, you would have to apologize - and that I did with my gestures, slow movements, look of sorrow, head down and a slight - I'm sorry - whispered to pass in front of anyone who worked, or not, in the restaurant.

But yesterday was different, I asked the rest of the table that if we were leaving, I was the one who got up with some anger, the one who told the waitress that we were not going to stay, the one that said good morning, the one He went out the door with his head high, the one that didn't feel guilty and the one that was willing to strangle Pepito Grillo if he even heard him breathe.

This is all that happened during the thirty long minutes we spent in what seemed to be a central, well-known and cozy restaurant of a town that celebrated its parties and these are the reasons that prompted me to leave the restaurant.

  • Although the place was emptyThey had just opened, asking if they would have a table available for four people, they said yes but that we had to wait five minutes, of course that we did wait standing where they told us, the precise five minutes that the bar waiter needed to count the change of the box.
  • Of course in the course of that time more customers appeared, the waiter must have felt somewhat overwhelmed and dispatched us all at once half screaming, you in the first, you in the second, you in the big one and you in the little one. We were obedient again and sat at the first table, even though we didn't especially like his situation, nor the smell of tobacco that was noticeable in that area.
  • Nor did we want to keep in mind that the rest of the tables were attended before ours, despite having been the first to arrive, in fact we came to see, before receiving our letters, as to the large table and the small one arrived beautiful salads.
  • When someone approached us our letters, he must have thought we were undecided and I think we would need much more time than usual to make our selection, he left us in the strictest privacy and did not worry about whether we needed or wanted to drink something in the meantime.
  • But the drop that broke the glass fell when the person who looked like he was going to take us to our table, and told us that he was sorry, but that They had made a mistake on the menu and today they played a special menu for the main party at twenty-five euros.

My eyes widened, I couldn't believe it, I didn't even look at the letter, I said something like - This is not correct -, ask the rest of the table if we were leaving and we all went out the doorholding out reproachful looks both of employees of the premises and of some client and noticing the approval look of the clients of table number two that like us were also in the tourist plan.

It was not a decision made by the price difference, in fraction of a second, I made the approximate sum and taking into account the price of each of the dishes we thought to order, wine, water, soft drinks, bread, desserts and taxes, I am convinced that it would have been cheaper to accept the change of letter, which included everything.

I recognize that those in the restaurant might think that we were not quite exquisite customers, because perhaps when they passed us they heard fragments of our conversation and heard things like - here it smells like tobacco -, - it's too hot - or - we have arrived first and at that table they are already eating -.

I have emerged Many questions Is it reasonable to punish or want to teach the client a lesson, when it is evident that he begins to feel uncomfortable at the premises? Is it correct to change the letter after giving him time, more than enough, to decide that he will eat? Is it logical that the usual clientele be offered a different menu, at a different price? Was I too sensitive or on the contrary I had too much endurance?