How to bone a picantón in ten steps

In the recipe for stuffed Christmas stuffs I promised to explain how to bone a picantón, and as promised is debt, I have prepared a video with the process step by step.

It looks a bit like boning a chicken, although in this case we don't open the spine, but we remove all the bones leaving the skin intact, which saves us from sewing.

As a general advice, before starting, I recommend choose a small, pointed and very sharp knife. You will also need a blowtorch (or lighter failing) and tweezers to leave the chicken well cleaned and plucked before starting to bone.

Although the video explains very well, I summarize:

Ten steps to bone a picantón

      1. Cut the end of the spine (the tail)

      2. We are separating the skin from the spine carefully
      3. We separate the thighs of the body by the joint
      4. Remove the final part of the spine
      5. We take off the skin starting at the neck
      6. We separate the wings by the joint
      7. We separate the meat from the breasts
      8. Remove the upper part of the spine
      9. We separate the femur from the tibia
      10. Remove the spurs and Ready!

    One time boneless the picantón, fill to taste, bake and enjoy. Some people also use this technique for chickens, because it looks better without seams, although of course, chickens are larger and it is a little more complicated to keep the skin intact and access all the bones to separate them well.

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